Drink 4 Bottles of Water a Day!

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Water is vitally important to keep the body functioning properly. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, helps with metabolism, protects vital organs, regulates body temperature, and helps to protect and moisturize joints. Allowing the body to dehydrate can cause headaches, fatigue, constipation, muscle cramps, kidney problems, and irregular blood pressure. Rather than have the you or your kids suffer any of these symptoms, be sure to stay hydrated with pently of water.

Give Each Child a Water Bottle. Let your child pick out a reusable water bottle that appeals to him or her, and make sure to refill it throughout the day. Even better is to decorate and personalize each child's bottle.

Serve Water with Every Meal. Get rid of the soda or juices at mealtime. Drinking plain water with every meal is healthier and less expensive!

Fill Juice Glasses Halfway with Water. Even when you offer a juice as a treat, you can make it healthier by cutting it with water.

Have the Kids Drink a Glass of Water While you Prepare Snacks. Kids often think they are hungry when what they really need is more fluids. So when they come clamoring for a snack, have them drink a glass of water while you prepare something. This will not only cut down on the number calories consumed, but will also keep them occupied while waiting.

Make it a Game. Challenge the kids to see who will be the first to refill their water bottles, or compete to see who drinks the most bottles of water each day. Offer small rewards like stickers, or special privileges like picking a game to play to the winner.

Make Sure they Drink a Glass of Water after Periods of Physical Activity. Physical activity, especially in warm weather, really depletes the body's water. It is especially important that active kids drink plenty of water.