Live54218 Resources

Looking for some help figuring out how you or your child can start living 54218 everyday? Check out some of the great resources we have available:

Live54218 - Healthy Recipes

Farmers Market EBT Program 

Download the Live54218 Progress Chart and post it on the fridge. Don't forget to reward your child or family members for meeting their goals!

Live54218 Progress Chart

Take a look at the Live54218 Tip Sheets for ideas on how to Live54218 everyday. We even have two versions - one for parents and one to help you!

Live54218 General Tip Sheet

Live54218 Parent Tip Sheet

Live54218 Parent Tip Sheet Spanish

Live54218 Parent Tip Sheet Hmong

Find out why it's so important to eat meals as a family and learn some helpful hints on how to fit it into our busy schedules!

Family Meals Matter

Family Meals Matter - Spanish

Screen Time has been linked to obesity AND decreased academic achievement. Check out this resource for more information and tips on how to spend less time in front of the screen!

Children Need Less Screen Time, More Friend Time

Children Need Less Screen Time, More Friend Time - Spanish

There's nothing like a good nights sleep! Learn about the affect sleep has on your body and how to set bedtime routines and habits that will benefit the whole family!

Sleep Tight, Wake Bright!

Sleep Tight, Wake Bright! - Spanish

Water is an invaluable resource... Read about the importance of water consumption and tips on how to make sure you get 4 16oz. bottles of water each day!

Healthy Hydration

Many kids are very picky about what they eat. Check out this resource to get your picky eater to try new and healthy foods!

Feeding Your Picky Eater

Eating a healthy lunch is an important part of your child's day. Everyone needs that mid-day nutrition to keep them going through the day. Here are some tips for eating a healthy lunch!

Healthy Lunches=Healthy Kids!

Staying physically active in the winter can be a challenge in Wisconsin. Check out some creative ways to get your exercise even in the coldest of months!

Celebrate Winter, Stay Active!


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