How We Eat

How we eat is equally important to what we eat. When healthy, affordable food is available and easily accessible by everyone - regardless of race, income, or zip code - we all eat a more healthful diet. A strong local food system contributes to a strong local economy and a greater sense of connection from farm to fork. And perhaps most importantly, when we shift the culture around food so that more often than not we are sharing meals with loved ones - the effect is profound on everything from academic success, to mental well-being, to the development of healthy, lifelong eating habits.

The American Planning Association, in collaboration with the American Public Health Association and others developed the following principals of a healthy food system. A healthy, sustainable food system is:

1. Health-promoting
2. Sustainable
3. Resilient
4. Diverse
5. Fair and Just
6. Economically Balanced
7. Transparent

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