Live54218 is funded through a variety of grants and support from area businesses and community members. If you believe in the vision of making Greater Green Bay the healthiest community in the nation, we invite you to make a donation to the Live54218 movement.

To learn more about Live54218, our partners, and the work that we do, check out the About Us section of our website! For questions about donations please email or call (920) 593-3403.

If you would like to donate via mail, please make checks payable to Live54218 and mail to:

300 N Broadway, Ste. 3A, Green Bay, WI 54303

Live54218 is part of a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

What your donation could provide:

$50 - Provides an elementary school with a Farm to School cafeteria taste test to expose students to new fruits and vegetables.

$100 - Provides a classroom with an entire year of Farm to School nutrition education, so that children can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to make healthy food choices.

$150 - Provides a classroom with an Active Schools Kit, so that physical activity can be incorporated into the school day, enhancing memory, and concentration of students.

$250 - Provides a school-wide Farm to School chef assembly, to show students that making healthy food can be easy, fun, and delicious.

$500 - Builds or revitalizes a school garden, which provides a hands-on opportunity for students to learn about nutrition, agriculture and responsibility.

$750 - Sends 10 classes on a farm field trip, where students will learn about field preparation, harvesting, where their food comes from, and gain appreciation for their environment.

$1,000 - Provides the software and tools needed for families to use their Quest Cards at a farmers' market to purchase healthy produce from local growers.

$1,000 - Helps 100 area families "double their bucks" by buying $10 in tokens for $20 worth of local fruit and vegetables at farmers' markets.

$1,500 - Provides a school with a Safe Walking Zone Kit, which includes items that make it easier and safer for students to walk and bike to school.