Farm to School

We want to transform our community into a place where health, academic achievement, and the economy are supported by increased access to affordable, healthy, local food. We will promote a healthy food system, beginning with development of a comprehensive Farm-to-School Program to connect local food producers and food services directors as well as develop a more coordinated approach to nutrition education and school gardening.

UnitedHealthcare is the proud sponsor of the Greater Green Bay Area Farm to School Program. Through this innovative public-private partnership we are working together to increase local food procurement, provide nutrition education in 16 elementary schools across 8 school districts, enhance school gardening efforts, and improve the sustainability of Farm to School.

The Greater Green Bay Area Farm to School Taskforce aims to increase the number of schools implementing a comprehensive Farm to School program. Everyone wins with Farm to School! Children acquire the skills necessary to make healthy food choices; once established – schools save money and increase meal participation and farmers are exposed to an expanding market, keeping money in the local economy. 

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Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month will feature an in-season, Wisconsin-grown produce item. Through the combined effort of local schools, retailers and organizations, the Harvest of the Month message will spread and be celebrated by the entire community!

Monthly Elements of Harvest of the Month include nutrition education through taste-testing and:

  • Family Newsletters
  • Educator Newsletters
  • Community Newsletters

Read more about Harvest of the Month! 

Greater Green Bay Area Harvest of the Month Outline

2013-2014 Harvest of the Month Schedule

Harvest of the Month for Parents!

Harvest of the Month for Parents! (Spanish)

Check out our Harvest of the Month Newsletters!


September 2013

Melon Family Newsletter

Melon Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Melon Educator Newsletter

Melon Community Newsletter

October 2013

Apple Family Newsletter

Apple Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Apple Educator Newsletter

Apple Community Newsletter

November 2013

Pumpkin Family Newsletter

Pumpkin Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Pumpkin Educator Newsletter

Pumpkin Community Newsletter

December 2013

Winter Squash Family Newsletter

Winter Squash Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Winter Squash Educator Newsletter

Winter Squash Community Newsletter

January 2014

Beets Family Newsletter

Beets Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Beets Educator Newsletter

Beets Community Newsletter

February 2014

Dry Beans Family Newsletter

Dry Beans Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Dry Beans Educator Newsletter

Dry Beans Community Newsletter

March 2014

Mixed Greens Family Newsletter

Mixed Greens Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Mixed Green Educator Newsletter

Mixed Greens Community Newsletter

April 2014

Potato Family Newsletter

Potato Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Potato Educator Newsletter

Potato Community Newsletter

May 2014

Berries Family Newsletter

Berries Family Newsletter (Spanish)

Berries Educator Newsletter

Berries Community Newsletter

Want to view Harvest of the Month Newsletters from previous years?

Archived Newsletters

Farm to School Resources

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