Mission & Vision

Strategic Areas

1. Active Community: Support the development of an Active Community, ensuring all residents have access to safe and attractive places to be physically active.

2. Healthy Food System: Support the development of a Healthy Food System, ensuring all residents have access to healthy, affordable food.

3. Community Engagement: Provide countywide education on how to Live54218 and engage individuals, families and partner agencies in Live54218 through marketing and community outreach.

4. Shared Measurement: Provide local on-going coordination for standardized data collection countywide on obesity prevention related outcomes and behaviors in order to measure collective impact.

Learn more about our efforts in our updated Strategic Plan!

Live54218 Strategic Plan


To make the Greater Green Bay Area the healthiest community in the nation!


To create environments in the community that support and promote all residents daily in consuming 5 fruits and vegetables, drinking 4 bottles of water, having less than 2 hours of screen time, participating in at least 1 hour of physical activity, and sleeping 8 hours a night.