Community Health

Measuring our impact is core to the vision of Live54218.

We are working in 2012 to do a comprehensive countywide assessment and to make that information available to YOU! We are doing this because it is important to know where we are now so that we can measure our success as a community along our journey to becoming the healthiest community in the nation.

This assessment will include data collection at the adult, youth and young child level on both behavioral indicators (e.g., How many servings of vegetables do you eat daily?) and health outcomes (e.g., What percentage of high school youth are overweight?). The assessment will also include tools that will measure the quality of our food environment (e.g., Where are our full-service grocery stores located?) and the availability of safe spaces for community members to be active (e.g., Does your school have sidewalks so that students can walk to school?).

There is some great information already available on the health of our community. Check out these reports and data sources below to learn more about the current state of Brown County, WI: