About Us

Live54218 began as a challenge from the Green Bay Press-Gazette to its readers across Brown County - how could we think boldly about changing our community? The overwhelming response from the community was to address the growing childhood obesity epidemic. With the Greater Green Bay Chamber leading the charge, teams of community members and a broad cross-section of partners met throughout 2010 to review existing local and national programs and the evidence base to determine how to achieve our vision of making Brown County the community where the healthiest kids in America are raised.

Recognizing that we needed to focus not only on our kids, but more so on changing our entire community, Live54218 was created around simple recommendations we could all live every day. Our mission is to create environments in the community that support and promote all residents daily in consuming 5 fruits and vegetables, drinking 4 bottles of water, having less than 2 hours of screen time, and participating in at least 1 hour of physical activity, and sleeping 8 hours a night.

To learn more about how Live54218 originally began in 2010 as 'Greater Green Bay: Where Kids Count' and see the original taskforce members, download:

Kids Count White Paper

To understand more about how Live54218 operates and how Brown County can bring about large-scale social change as it pertains to the obesity epidemic, download:

Collective Impact

*Live54218 is part of a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organzation. Any donations made to Live54218 are tax-deducitble*

Partners' Reports

Live54218 has just published our second annual Partners' Report! Similar to an annual or donor's report, the report details our work throughout the past fiscal year and our plans for the future!

Live54218 Partners' Report 2014

View previous Partners' Reports

Statewide Movement

Live54218 not only works in Brown County, but also partners with organizations across Wisconsin to strengthen the statewide movement for obesity prevention. To learn more, check out the recently released WI Department of Health Services Obesity Prevention State Plan

Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity State Plan

Visit the Department of Health Services to find out more!